Z-Wave.js - can I replace raspberry pi and usb to serial?

I run Home Assistant in a HyperV VM. I have a zwave stick in a Raspberry Pi and at present am running a USB to serial connection between the two, so that the conventional zwave integration can see the stick via this serial connection.

It mostly works, occasional startup issues, but…

If I switch to zwave.js, can I simply run zwave.js on the Raspberry Pi (which does NOT have home assistant installed) and let it serve up the zwave data via the web service to/from the VM?

Has someone tried that?

Any pointers before I break everything to give it a try?


Bit late in replying but… I do exactly this (well VMware rather than HyperV) and it seems to work well.
I actually run zwave2mqtt using Docker (with Docker-Compose) on a Pi 2 alongside Node-Red, Eclipse Mosquitto and Portainer.
I am seeing some odd issues with random sensors appearing but don’t think they’re related to this part of the setup. (I have one Aeotec Multisensor 6 that has now developed a heart rate and radon sensors…)

Thank you, good to know it’s viable. I’ve been putting off the migration as it appears to need to recreate all the devices, and getting that to work was a pain the first time. I really wish I had never started down the zwave path. But “battery” and “wifi” just do not belong in the same sentence.