Z-Wave JS on Yellow not including or excluding devices

Hi All–

I installed a Razberry 7 Pro into my new Yellow and got it up and running. The logs seem ok, no errors. But when I attempt to include (or exclude as well), nothing happens at all. Oddly, attempting to add a device from within the Configure page, the logs show that the exclusion process began. Adding from Integrations/Add Integration/Add Z-Wave Device does correctly show as inclusion in the logs, but nothing actually gets added.

I’ve attempted using 3 totally different devices/device types and manufacturers and even successfully excluded them using my Hubitat to make sure to be starting clean but it just spins as though nothing was trying to connect. Then it just times out with no errors.

I’m not sure where to go at this point. Without an error message to indicate the problem, it’s a bit challenging to know how to fix it. Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions please?

Thank you.

Can somebody please help?

Don’t all answer at once now. It turned out that the frequency was set to EU rather than US, for anybody else finding themselves in a similar situation. Thanks though.