Z-Wave JS ping needed to wake-up devices when controller offline for a while

Hi guys. Running Z-Wave JS with the Z-Wave JS to MQTT add-on.

My Home Assistant host went offline for about an hour yesterday due to a power outage (yes, I need a UPS!). Anyway, when power was restored and the system rebooted, all my powered switches were marked dead in HA. A simple ping (through the control panel) brought them back to life.

My question is, at system start-up, don’t all nodes get queried and if so, why didn’t it realised that the nodes were actually alive during this process? Why was a subsequent ping necessary to bring them back?

Appreciate any feedback on this one.


If you are actually using MQTT I would suspect you don’t have the Retained discovery option enabled? Since Z-Wave JS 3.0.0 it no longer queries all nodes on a restart when it has a valid cache.

Thanks for the reply. No, I should have stated I’m only using the add-on for the Z-Wave console - not MQTT.

I did some more testing and can see that it does indeed query node status on startup. So if a device was on for example, this state is preserved after a restart. Just not sure why this behavior is different after an extended period of Home Assistant not being online, like in my power loss example.

That would be a question specific to zwavejs2mqtt They welcome discussions on Github.

Ok, I will do that. Just curious to know if this same thing might be expected with HA native Z-Wave JS add on. I guess I’ll try this myself too, to rule out Z-Wave JS Mqtt being the issue…

I know the native JS add on is written by HA developers. The zwavejs2mqtt addon is from the zwavejs developers, I believe. I am currently using the zwavejs2mqtt Docker container with HA Containerized.