Z-Wave JS Sending the command 3 times in a row

Hello All,

I’m trying to setup some sort of trigger that goes off when I hit my Z-Wave switch while it’s still on. Although, it triggers every time it’s turned on. I went to Z-Wave JS UI to debug section and found out that it’s sending the on command 3 times, therefore triggering my automation. Any reason this would be happening and how do I resolve it?

2023-05-03 20:22:44.677 INFO Z-WAVE: [Node 012] Value updated: 37-0-currentValue false => true
2023-05-03 20:22:44.680 INFO Z-WAVE: [Node 012] Value updated: 37-0-targetValue true => true
2023-05-03 20:22:44.892 INFO Z-WAVE: [Node 012] Value updated: 37-0-currentValue true => true

The 2nd message is an update to TargetValue, so that should not trigger your automation.

What is the trigger to your automation?

Based off your log you sent the switch a cmd to change its target value from true to true. This means that the light was already on. Then the device responded to the controller that it changed its CURRENT-VALUE from true to true. Based of this it is safe to say that the Z-Wave portion of your automation is functioning properly.

The problem you keep having is more likely with the logic of your automation. In your automation you need to use the value updated on a zwave parameter option. It will ask you for the CMD class id and other information that you can find in the logs. Just set your value change from true to true and this will fix the issue.