Z-Wave JS to JS UI - All sensor entities are now unavailable

Hi all,

Just installed Z-Wave JS UI add-on, and as far as I can tell I did follow all the instructions to the letter.

Upon concluding all configs, and waited long enough so that most of my devices are already interviewed (except for some battery ones) it seems all of them are fine in ZW JS UI device table.

They do show up in the Z-Wave JS integration device listing as well, matching what I see on the JS UI side.

However, and most unfortunately, all entities of type sensor are now showing as “unavailable”, which of course renders my Z-Wave network useless.

I can tell the integration is communicating well with the add-on because if I submit one interview request on either side the other side displays it ongoing, so they are talking to each other for sure.

Does anyone here have any idea of what can be causing this?
Did I unintentionally skip a step in the config?
And most importantly, how do I get those sensors back working?

Thanks in advance for any ideas that may come along.


p.s. I do get a lot of these messages now, which I did not before installing the UI add-on:
2023-02-03T22:31:08.005Z DRIVER dropping CC with invalid values (Reason: Unknown meter type 0x01 or corrupted data)

What is your setup? Pi? USB extension cable?

Linux virtual machine running Home Assistant 2023.2.1, Supervisor 2023.01.1, Operating System 9.5 and Frontend 20230202.0 - latest.

The controler is a AEOTEC ZStick 5, running at the end of an usb extension cable, and has been running flawlessly for several years now - in fact the entire HASS setup is solid as a rock, I’m quite happy with it.

Meanwhile I reverted the config back to standard zwave addon and everything is back to normal.
Nedless to say I’d like to have the UI add-on running instead, but without available entities it is useless.

Do you have a clue to what might be happening?

Did you follow the instructions to switch add-ons?


Yes, except on point 5 instead of “Uninstall the official Z-Wave JS add-on.” I merely turned it off, made sure it would not autostart, and rebooted HASS.

Please note if it was still running there was no way the JS UI would work as the usb port would be in use, so I’m positive it was indeed stopped.

As a side note, I was under the impression that the device database would be the same for both the standard add-on and the UI one.

However it does not seem to be the case, as some of the devices were not recognized and not identified at all by the UI version, while some others were ok.

With the standard add-on all of my devices are correctly identified with all attributes correctly labeled and all.

If you still have the standard add on, its using port 3000. You need to change the port of JS UI. Only one application can use an IP port at a time.

Like I said earlier, the standard add-on is turned off, it’s just sitting there, it’s not active.

How could it be working if it uses the same USB port as well, not only IP port 3000?
If it was working then the UI add-on would be unable to use the USB port, it would get a “port in use” error.