Z-WAVE JS UI, how to reflect node name to entity ID (using MQTT)?

I am a long time user of ZigBee2MQTT and ZwaveJS2MQTT.
I have now created a new server for ZwaveJS2MQTT and choused to use the built in MQTT Discovery feature and not the WS Server feature.

IT works, nodes are showing up in Home-Assistant and is working, but When I change the name of a node in the Z-Wave JS UI GUI the change is not reflected to home-assistant entity ID.
In ZigBee2MQTT it is as easy as selecting this switch when changing name:
It must be a way to do this from Zwave JS UI also? I have set Entity name template to %n.

Screenshot of my settings:

Full-size mirror: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Also found this from the HOW-TO, but can’t find this “REDISCOVER NODE”:

Rediscover Node

If you update the node name/location, you must also rediscover the values of this node to ensure they have the correct topics. To do this, press REDISCOVER NODE at the top of the Home Assistant - Devices table (check previous picture)

Found a solution (but still looking for a better way):

  • Rename device in zwave js ui
  • Go to Settings->Devices & Services → Mosquitto broker “devices” → click the device.
  • Click the three dots and delete
  • Delete, and restart home-assistant
  • after startup the device is discovered with new name
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