Z-Wave JS UI not adding devices

Good morning,
I’m having problems adding a Zooz ZEN71 2.0 switch. I bought 6 of them which arrived yesterday, and I’m replacing some vintage GE Jasco ZW4001 switches. The first 3 went fine, but I started having problems on the 4th and 5th. They just wouldn’t add correctly (S2 unsecure). Eventually I got them to cooperate, and they are are showing up properly in the Z-Wave JS UI control panel. The last one I’m trying to add is not cooperating at all. It’s stuck in “Provisioning Entries”, and isn’t showing up after I’ve repeatedly turned the device on and off. I’ve cleared the entry, and tried from the standard Z-Wave JS integration under Settings → Devices & Services as well. It shows up as under Provisioned Devices in that integration as well.

So what’s going on here? I’ve restarted HA, done a soft reset of the Z-Wave network, and I still can’t get it to move to fully integrated. I’ve also tried within 4 or 5 feet of the Z-Wave stick on my RPi 4 (Yes, I have a long USB extension keeping it away from the interference of the RPI).

Never mind, I got it added. Even thought it wasn’t showing up, I went through the exclusion process, excluded it at the switch (UI reported no changes, but ended quickly as soon as I excluded the switch), and then I was able to add it using the QR code and then turned on the switch.