Z Wave Neighbor Control

I am running HA Core on a NUC within Docker. I’m still testing, building, learning.

I only have 6 Z Wave devices, including the Nortek controller, only one of which is a battery powered device, and it is right next to a mains-connected device. The controller only has one neighbor, and that neighbor is in the same room as the controller, and it is a mains-connected repeater lamp module. That lamp module node that is the only neighbor to the controller is physically farther (further?) away from all the other nodes, yet it has all the nodes listed as a neighbor. All four of the other nodes list all nodes (except the controller) as a neighbor.
So… Controller has 1 neighbor, the lamp module.
Lamp module node in the same room as the controller has 5 neighbors.
All other nodes have 4 neighbors.
Again… the controller (now on an extension USB cable, but that has made no difference) is about 10 feet closer to all other nodes than the lamp module, yet does not have any of them as neighbors.

What can I look at to see why my controller can only see the node in the room with the controller when the node in that room can see everything?

Have you tried to initiate a Heal Network?

Test. Heal. Many times over the course of a few months. I typically have the network go into a state where nothing but the node closest to the controller works, and that one, somewhat intermittently. Removing that node, and adding it back in allows the entire network to work for a time.
So… that’s why I’m asking what configuration options I can look at at the controller to see why it can only see one node as a neighbor, when nearly all nodes should be in range (I make that assumption because all nodes are in range of my controllers neighbor, yet it is further away from the rest of the nodes than the controller).

Are you using the built-in Z-Wave integration or the OpenZwave beta? Are you using network security? (Add node secure, usage of a network key) Have you tried readding one of the other mains powered nodes to see if it neighbors with the controller?

It is using the zwave built-in to HA Core.

Yes, I have node security on two devices (door and garage). All others were added with just the “add node” function (two lamp modules, and one in-wall switch).

Yes… I am using a network key. Security seems to be functioning fine (most of the time).

If by “re-adding one of the other mains powered nodes” you mean looking at the info on that node to see what it has for neighbors, then yes… I have looked at them all (I don’t have many, remember), and the ONLY node that shows Node 1 (the controller) as the neighbor is the one in the room with the controller. None of the other nodes show Node 1 as a neighbor. They all show all the other nodes, even though the one node in the room with the controller is physically further away from them than the controller.

No I meant re-adding one of the other nodes, such as the lamp module that currently doesn’t seem neighboured with the controller. Also take note that unsecure added devices cannot communicate with secured devices, but the controller is able to talk to both.

Pretty sure that’s not the case, otherwise, the secure devices I have currently added wouldn’t be able to talk to the controller at all, since the only neighbor to the controller is an unsecured node. A friend was under the same belief as you, but I found this discussion and one poster indicates exactly opposite what you indicate (and what he said looks to be what works on my mesh… only an unsecured node is talking to the controller, but all secured nodes work).

I’ll go get that other lamp module, the only other portable device, and remove it, and add it, and see if it remains a neighbor of the controller after I move it away, and restart my zwave network. I’ll report here, after that.

As far as I’ve experienced, my z-wave stick (node 1) has also only one neighbor at the moment.
I’ve added two shutter modules some days ago and node 1 had node 12 (also a shutter module but 2 floors away) as its neighbor, and now it is also only one node but it is node 19 which is one of the nodes i’ve added those days (at least only 1 floor away from node 1).

So to me it looks like the neighbors are dynamicly updating.
Healing the network didn’t change anything shortly, at least for me.

At the moment I’m still using the old z-wave integration.
When I’ve started my z-wave network (around 5 months ago) I’m pretty sure that my node 1 (z-wave stick) had more than just 1 neighbor.
As long as the network is running without issues, I will keep it as it is.

But I can’t tell if the z-wave stick can’t support more than 1 neighbor node anymore, which somehow won’t make sense to me either.

Z-Wave+ automatically heals and creates/removes neighbors, so that seems fine. Might just be some interference or not enough mains powered devices causing issues (increasing the mesh strength)