Z-Wave sensor guide (internet resource?)


Going through several different z-wave devices recently, I’m a but confused by all the sensors they seem to have. Often six or more, for a smart plug or so.

Many that are not documented in the ordinary manuals either. Does anyone know if there is a good sensor guide/database somewhere on the internet?

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Have you looked at the Home Assistant documentation. It should explain most of them. If there’s anything missing please just ask.

I find that page resourceful, however it assumes that I know more about my device/entity than I do. As the documentation of the device is insufficient.

I’m sure the z-wave documentation somehow reveals how to read the device to get to know what sensors are available. I presumed this results in the ZWCFG_*.xml file. I think it’s here I’d like to know how to read it.

What do you want to read - the zwcfg_*.xml file? That’s a cache from OpenZWave, and their documentation will be the best place to read about that.

As for what sensors are available, they’ll all be named similarly by default. If your root entity is zwave.blahblah then all the other entities will be something.blahblah*. You can filter the entity list by blahblah to find them all.

Those I’ve figured out.

HA uses zwave.* format. So there I can find what home assistant have found.
OpenZwave dumps its cache into zwcfg_*.xml - So there I can find what OpenZWave have found.

I’d like to move one step further back and see what are available in the device itself and what output they should produce. I’ve already figured out some devices where not 100% due to incorrect output. (They needed firmware upgrade). But I hardly know all of them

There is, sadly, no central repository of such things. At best there’s the information on the Z-Wave Products site, but that’s from the submission. After that it’s entirely down to the manufacturer publishing that information in their support pages - some are good at at that, and some are terrible. Most fall somewhere between those two extremes.

Thanks for answer!