Z-wave switches to control Philips Hue lights?

Hi there,

I am just getting into the home automation game finally and I’m hoping to get some newbie questions answered that I’m having trouble finding clear answers to.

My goal is to have a mix of Philips hue lights around the house, and some smart wall switches to control both the hue lights and some regular non-smart lights together.

I see that z-wave wall switches are more popular and generally recommended like this Zooz one. But the Hue lights are zigbee. Are there any issues or negatives with mixing these 2 protocols together for this purpose?

I’m guessing that HA would just detect the status of the zwave switch and then could trigger the Hue lights over Zigbee? Was thinking of grabbing a HUSBZB which could do both protocols?

Any general advice on the best direction here would be great.


Will the z-wave switch control power to hue bulbs or only to “dumb” bulbs?

You can use z-wave and zigbee together without any issues, just be aware that you either need one controller for both protocols or the stick you mentioned, which can control both protocols.
In home assistant you can than tell the system to turn off the zigbee bulb when the zwave switch has been turned off.