Z-Wave Telldus Tellstick ZNet Lite Gateway V2 Gen5

There is a new tellstick that is basically a hw-box with an api on your network.

It supports both z-wave (gen 5 and +), including the 433mhz band.
It’s being heavily developed at the moment (see the “Tellstick server” entries @ http://developer.telldus.se/timeline ).

If this device is added, we would be able to have home-assistant running standalone without any connected usb-devices and still being able to controll z-wave and 433mhz devices.

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I’d be interested in testing.

Hi does this new tellstick work with HA?

This works using Telldus Live - but the local API for the device itself lacks an implementation - and would be extremely useful - enabling offline installations as well as making connected installations not dependable on Telldus live being available - something the last days have shown to be less than stable for many users.
Do put your votes up for this if you’re interested rather than just reading or replying to the post!