Z-wave thermostatic valves reporting temperature

Hello everyone,
I have been using over the past month a Danfoss LC-13 thermostatic valve for one of my radiators (I have centralized heating, can only control radiators).
I did not realize before buying the product that it does not report back the temperature.
Does anybody know any other thermostatic valve that does report back the current temperature and status of the valve (i.e. heating / idle), preferably z-wave?
It would be ideal if the valve also had buttons and display ON the valve in case home-assistant server went down.

Many thanks!

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‘POP’ do a rebadged version of the danfoss valve, the firmware is tweaked to provide temperature.
Be careful, some valves let you set temperature and some let you read temperature - there’s only a small sub-set that does both.
I was looking at the fibaro valves but they have a non replaceable rechargeable battery, which they expect to last 5 years (wow their lifetime cost model really needs to be looked at)
I wanted to run a 5volt supply around the house (with the pipes) but most valves also have a “I’m not listening whilst I’m charging” mode, crazy.
I think the market is a bit young as yet.
I did once see a startup looking at using the heat differential from the pipe to air in an electrical charging system but it’s communication protocol was ultra low power and a bit off piste for me (can’t remember any more details)
I’d be interested in an update of the market so please post back.

@Mutt sounds like a very exhaustive answer, thank you! I guess I will stick to the LC-13 and use an external sensor for now…

I’m not sure I’d call it exhaustive and its certainly 2 1/2 years out of date.
I was just giving you the benefit of what I’ve seen so you know what to look out for.
Hopefully some others here have some more recent / wider experience and if you keep on eye on the market you’ll probably be an expert very quickly as it’s quite a dynamic market.
Good luck