Z2M Groups not showing up in Home Assistant

HA: 2023.6.2
Z2M Add-On: 1.31.2-1
Moquitto Add-On: 6.2.1

I don’t get it, I have created several groups, and they show up, but the latest two ones I created today, I’ve been struggling with.

Looking in MQTT I do see it with MQTT-Explorer:

And it also shows up under Zigbee2MQTT in MQTT.

But it doesn’t show up in Home Assistant?

I think I’ve found out why I couldn’t find the group, but not why it worked like that.
I’ve previously changed the entity name in HA (long time ago) for that group, and when I recrated it, it changed the name again, so while I was searching for the new group name, it changed it to old name in HA.