Z2M - Remove devices from mesh intentionally

Is have a few lights which are included in my zigbee network. They act as router but are regularly turned on and off physically.

Is there any way to forsce the network not to use them as routers and/or increase network stability?

I use Z2M addon

No. Replace them with Sengled bulbs, these are not routers.


Unfortunately, no.

For those bulbs, use a bulb like Sengled zigbee that does not route, another tech like wifi, or keep them continously powered.


This is why you don’t turn off powered devices in the mesh and EXACTLY why Sengled made the decision not to have thier bulbs work as routing devices.


What is sengled? I have philips hue white gu10’s preferto use these in the bathroom while keeping the switch. Automation to dim/color after turn_on of that switch.

But… there is no option to disable routing?

Nope. Sorry.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Replace the dumb switch with a smart switch that supports decoupled mode so the lights stay powered.

Instability, delay, non-response, or dropping of other zigbee devices.


Thanks for the feedback… My motto is to have everything non-intrusive and not dependant of HA… thus back to the drawing board…

This breaks above rule…

Not necessarily. The switch can be bound directly to the bulbs to still work without HA.

If you want to mimic the current functionality use a sengled zigbee, or pretty much any wifi/homekit/matter bulb.

Sengled is a brand of smart devices. Their zigbee bulbs are end devices, not routers.

I use wiz wifi bulbs for a couple locations like yours. If I were doing today, I’d probably go homekit. The purchase goes way back to before I had HA.

If its the one room, a small separate zigbee net would be a possibility. Another dongle or something like a hue hub might be cheaper than replacing several bulbs.


What do you mean here?


Hmm… going to explore…

That would be fine, but most other switches/buttons would do the same.