ZaveJS and KeyMaster Setup

Are there any guides from beginning setup to finish for controlling Zwave Door Locks? I have a lock successfully added in ZwaveJS and I have keymaster running in HACS, but there is no way that I can find to add PINS or any special interfaces that I have seen in some screenshots on here.

I am using: HA (latest), ZwaveJS, keymaster (HACS), Kwickset SmartCode 888.

Thank you!

Review the keymaster wiki.

I know this is an older post, but if you haven’t added your Kwikset 888, here you go:

I just updated keymaster and converted one of my locks to be a child lock. Initially the locks were stuck in adding or deleting of the codes. After the usual tries to reboot the system, and poking around in the code I went back to the wiki where I found the following important information:

  1. you have to manually copy the lovelace configuration - have been updating the package over the last couple of years but forgot that you have to manually copy the new UI code.
  2. I had converted to zwaveJS without noticing the requirement for a different startup file to enable the automations.
  3. I had to manually clear the existing lock codes from the lock before the code slots would work. Does anyone think that it would be useful to add something in the wiki about clearing the user codes for first use?
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How did you clear user codes? I’m having this same issue after migrating to zwave_js

called the service from developer