Zbmini-l and physical switch interaction status on home assistant

Hello! I’ve installed Home Assistant less than a month ago, so I’m pretty new to all this, for sure there’s already an answer to this somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

I’ve installed a lot of zimini-l in my home behind the switches, some are working better than others but i love to tinker on this by myself.

what I cannot understand is why when I switch on and off the physical switch it’s not updated in the home assistant dashboard.
It should since the zimini-l definitively know what’s appening in the real world since it turn of the bulb…

can someone clarify this to me?
note that I’ve added all the zb thought Hue hub but now I’ve a brand new sonoff antenna on the raspberry it that can make any difference.

Make sure that you have the latest FW on your ZBMINI-L . The main improvement is better response time.

I made my tests some while ago - I do not remember if I tested the way the on/off status was reported in HA.

You’re moer lucky than I am - the ZBMINI-L fills the wall switch entirely (FR). No space to add the switch in fonrt or do the wiring:

Firmware Is 1.1.1, guess it’s pretty old?
i’ve seen some threads about update will check later, is firmware 2 out for ZBMINI-L?

I’ve drilled for more space in the wall behind the box… pretty prehistoric I guess but in worked for now…

it’s not just reporting, is that if I turn a light on from the physical switch… I’ve to turn it on and of again in the app

My HA reports the firmware as “Firmware: 0x00001005” - as my test device is offline, I am not sure if it may be reported differently nor if I updated it.
zigbee-OTA/images/Sonoff at master · Koenkk/zigbee-OTA · GitHub shows v1.1.1 so that is the latest one.

It could be that you need to reconfigure your device so ensure that cluster 6 is bound to the coordinator to report the changes.