ZBMINIL2 Control are not showing in Z2M


I’ve used ZBMINIL2 for almost 6 months and it is working perfectly.
But recently it started to drop off from my HA so I removed it from Z2M and added it back to Z2M.

However, after adding it back to Z2M, I noticed that the control is unavailable on the device page.
now I can only switch it on and off on the Z2M page. there is no switch entity nor control to turn it on or off in the dashboard.

How do I get the controls back?

What version of HA, and what version of Zigbee2MQTT ?

Have you also removed it through HA Settings → Devices → that ZBMINIL2 → MQTT INFO → 3 vertical dots → Delete before re-adding that device through Z2M?

It is also advised to restart Z2M after you have removed a device before re-adding it again.

Thanks for the reply guys.

I have gotten back the controls after I’ve updated my HAOS.

Seems like the issue occurred because I updated the Zigbee2MQTT but not the HAOS.

After updating HAOS control is back. :grin: