Zen 77 Scene trigger

I have numerous Zen77 switches in my house and using the blueprint i have set them up where if i tap the up button 3x the blinds in that room will open and the opposite happens if i tap down 3x. however this automation works on some of the switches. when i check the logs of the switch’s that works this is what it shows when i tap it 3xs:

"P*****'s lights fired Central Scene CC ‘value notification’ event for ‘Scene 001’: ‘KeyPressed3x’

The switch’s that don’t trigger the blinds to open shows this:

“K*****'s Light fired Central Scene CC ‘value notification’ event for ‘Scene 001’: ‘4’”

both switchs are Zen77s, both have the same firmware and scwne control is based of the same blueprint.

When you trigger a scene you should get an event that looks like this.

domain: zwave_js
  node_id: 256
  home_id: 4263925964
  endpoint: 0
  device_id: b16bc7f22a7d15dea8facdfa00f7f3d
  command_class: 91
  command_class_name: Central Scene
  label: Scene 001
  property: scene
  property_name: scene
  property_key: "001"
  property_key_name: "001"
  value: KeyPressed3x
  value_raw: 4

KeyPressed3x and 4 both refer to when a button is press 3 times. To fix i would try to interview your device or exclude and reinclude it.

That worked perfectly. Thank you.