ZHA configuring every device incorrectly after house move

hi all,

recently moved house, so all the zigbee devices are in different places and serving different purposes now.

initially they just weren’t showing up correctly, and wouldn’t let me rename them. as they had been unplugged for a while etc i thought i’d start from scratch and got rid of the zigbee integration altogether, and restarted HA (this is docker HA, not HASS)

since doing that, no matter what I do to configure the devices (that all worked perfectly on this version of ZHA previously) they all install wrong. all the zigbee lightbulbs are showing up either as switches, or as unclassfied z3000 devices with no identifying features. the switches won’t register at all.

is there something i’m missing re: starting from scratch? do i have to manually add them all to the configuration.yaml even though they all worked automatically before?