ZHA devices not reporting after 2023.12.0

After upgrading to 2023.12.0 several of my Zigbee devices in ZHA are no longer reporting data. The devices stopped reporting immediately after the reboot from the install. Most of the devices that are not reporting are Aqara motion sensor and Water Leak sensors as well as a Sonoff Presence sensor. Otherwise, other Zigbee devices like light switches are working as expected. I have 55 zigbee devices in ZHA and about 1/3 of them are not reporting. Meaning that when I walk in front of a motion sensor it does not report motion. I have a Zigbee2MQTT integration as well and all of the devices in Z2MQ are working as expected. Anyone else experiencing this? This happened last month on the 11.x release and I reverted back to my backup and it returned everyone back to functional. I chose to defer until this month and I am experiencing the exact same issue again. I see nothing in the logs that would assist in finding resolve.

I tried repairing a device to resolve and this was not fruitful. So, I thought I would remove one of the devices that was failing from ZHA and move it to Z2MQTT but I get the following error when trying to remove the devices from ZHA.

Failed to call service zha/remove. flag ‘bitmap8’ has no members defined

You should probably check / share your logs - especially, for the ones for ZHA.
That would help to check, why these devices may have failed.

Thank you Chris for the Response. I did check my logs and there is nothing beneficial in regards to guidance on the issue. I chose to move the devices that were having issues in ZHA over to my already existing Z2MQTT network and everything is working and very responsive in both ZHA and Z2MQTT. This is not the ultimate solution but I assume the bug that is apparent in ZHA will get sorted out eventually.