ZHA Group control issues

I’m using a node red automation to control a Hue lamp by a single button: toggle (short) and dimming (long press).
Controlling a single bulb work fine and smooth, however when I want to control a ZHA group of 4 bulbs, dimming is not smooth anymore, dimming lags and oscillates.
You can even see the slider in lovelace go back and forward around a position.

Is it this the correct way to control a group of bulbs, by a ZHA group, or should I create lighting groups?

Bulbs in the group are all Hue’s, there is also a Deconz dongle

I experienced the same thing, ZHA groups are definitely the way to go. HA light groups will still send a command to each device and end up flooding the network. The coordinator will only send 1 command per ZHA group and that will send out signals to each device in the group. Smooth dimming with HA has always been an issue with me but using a ZigBee button and using a device binding in the manage clusters sections should give you the ability to bind the button to a zha group and dim smoothly.

Side note: if you are not using a USB extension cable, I would highly recommend getting a 3ft extension as the box can cause interference with the ZigBee stick. Another potential issue would be a bad signal to the lights so adding a dedicated repeater might help as well

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