ZHA RGB+CCT LED strip (TS0505A by _TZ3000_riwp3k79) does not change colors

I own three identical LED strips:

IEEE: 60:a4:23:ff:fe:47:e3:89
Nwk: 0x2c13
Device Type: Router
LQI: 152
RSSI: -83
Last seen: 2024-01-24T13:20:09
Power source: Mains

one of them works just fine, and in two of them the color change does not work at all. Changing the temperature of the white light behaves strangely (the bar is one, from cold to warm, but as I move the slider across it, the temperature of the light changes multiple times)
I tried adding zha quirk changing the manufacturer to _TZ3000_riwp3k79, but it did not change anything (quirk showd up in zigbee info).

What I was additionally able to observe:
when I read the color_mode attribute after I try to change the color in both of them, I get ColorMode.X_and_Y when I change the white light temperature, it changes to ColorMode.Color_temperature in the correctly working one and in the wrong one it stays the same (X_and_Y)

managed to solve the problem. I don’t know why, but some settings from the previous connection (with the gateway from LIDL) must have been retained. After unplugging and reconnecting, it started working as expected.

same issue here: Color settings does not work for Lidl Livarno LED Strip 22W - TS0505A _TZ3000_riwp3k79 · Issue #94771 · home-assistant/core (github.com)