ZHA: Set Osram Smart Plugs as End devices

I’ve some Zigbee devices from Aqara/Ikea/Philips Hue as well as some Osram Plugs. Those Osram Plugs are working ok (except for not seeing button presses on the plug itself). But I can switch them in Home Assistant as expecting.

I’ve a problem with my Aqara Motion Sensors that are not working reliable when having one of those Osram Plugs as router. Is there a way in ZHA to strictly set a powered Zigbee device as End Device only? So it will not try to act as a router to some other end device?

Thanks in advance

That is not possible

Any idea to skip the osram plug acting as router? Or anyone else having issues with it as router?

This is protocol level thing in Zigbee, The devices pick thie rown routing - there is no way to micromanage routing from the user perspective. As Francis said - it is simply not possible.

Aquara devices are known to not play nice with other Zigbee standard routing devices. THere’s many articles here , on SmartThings’ Vera’s Hubitat and other’s community sites lsting the many issues Aquara devices have with routing and the common solution comes down to either 1) don’t use them (my personal solution - I simply won’t buy them, cheap isn’t worth the massive pain in the butt of dealing with the rouging issues and devices always dropping off) 2) pick devices from a very small list that are known to play nice. (I do not have the list - I don’t use Aquaras on purpose.)

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