ZHA stop discovering new devices

Hi everyone,
First of all, thanks for your awesome contributions!

I was using ZHA with my Hass (Core) 2022.5 without any issues (sometimes it became slow, but it’s totally Ok).
(I used SONOFF Zigbee USB dongle plus 3.0 + USB extension on my Raspberry Pi 3B+)

Today I tried to pair new SONOFF ZigBee MINIs (I already had 2 paired on Hass Core 2022.3 and worked normally), but everytime when I tried to discover them, Hass reported back that no Zigbee devices found

I tried to upgrade to Hass Core 2022.10.5, but still no success. I had 24 devices, and I already tried to remove 10 devices to try to discover those new devicesm still no success.

When I try to discover again the old paired devices (which I removed before), Hass still can discover & pair with them. Only the new SONOFF ZigBee MINIs not found.

I attached the log when I tried to discover the devices

Thank you very much!