ZHA Ubisys OTA updates, firmware is available on their website

I was thinking of ordering one of Ubisys ZigBee switches. And when I read about them I saw that they support OTA updates. And on the ZHA integrations page they are not listed. So I got in contact with them if they had their firmware available. And they just got back to me that they do.

They are a bit pricey, but they have in-wall switch that supports 16A, and I needed this to replace a Z-Wave device I have.
I have now ordered the Ubisys Power Switch S1.

Here is the answer:

we do in fact make the newst firmware available to the general public on our website, so a proper OTA server (e.g. Raspberryā€¦ ) can be used to distribute our update files easily.

HereĀ“s the link: http://www.ubisys.de/en/support/firmware/

As far as IĀ“m aware of we neither have we ourselves approached, nor have we been approached by ZHA, regarding 3rd party OTA files being supported, sorry!

You could get in touch with them as well, maybe thatĀ“ll create a ticket on their side - initiating first contact with us :wink:

IĀ“ll also mention this in our next team meeting!

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ZHA also support download code for third-party OTA providers but someone need to code each:


What is needed is for a developer to submit download code with URLs for each OTA provider:


I have not read about any developers working on adding OTA provider to zigpy for Ubisys. See:


But FYI can flash those with ZHA if enable OTA and then manually copy OTA file(s) to directory:



Zigbee2MQTT does however have an OTA provider for Ubisys in zigbee-herdsman-converters:



PS: Remember that ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT is only developed by volunteers in their spare time.

FYI, for reference, I posted a feature request here ā†’ https://github.com/zigpy/zigpy/issues/988

Would be great of new developers submit pull requests with download for Zigbee OTA providers.

I made a shell script to download ota images from the sources listed in
zha-toolkit/examples at main Ā· mdeweerd/zha-toolkit Ā· GitHub .

It is using the list mainted in Koenkk/zigbee-OTA - I do not think there is a need to maintain multiple listsā€¦

The script can be run on HASS in the TERMINAL+SSH Addon and anybody can propose an update to zha-toolkit to make this available as a python service . It can then even be more precise and only fetch the firmware for devices in the network (based on the manufacturer id and the model id, listed in the database).

Currently the script downloads all OTA images, but only once ;-).