ZHA Zigbee Tested Devices...Please add your device results


Got my hue dimmer switch working. But its a binary sensor with a ‘level’ attribute, which the middle buttons control. It works really well… but I was hoping to get better control over what each of the button presses did, maybe holding the button does something ect? Has anyone managed to do this with the hue dimmer on zha?


Not sure if this will apply to the due dimmer but I think it will. There is working being done to support zha remotes. This PR was just closed but another one will be created soon to keep working on this.


If anyone is feeling brave and wants to mess around with what I’m working on…

Put the quirks directory from the first link in a folder then path to that folder (the root, not the quirks directory itself) in configuration.yaml under zha with key: device_handlers_path


    device_handlers_path: “/Volumes/development/device_handlers”

This will allow the quirks to load just like device handlers do for the SmartThings platform. (Zigpy itself has support for the functionality. This just makes it so that it can be leveraged without Zigpy / HA releases!) Currently there is support for several Xiaomi Aqara sensors… this has the new event stuff in it too for Xiaomi buttons. I’ll be committing support for several CentraLite devices later this evening as well.


Awesome! Once you have the CentraLite support I will get it a whirl.


@Will_Finnigan can you unpair then repair the hue dimmer and post the log line(s) that have the device fingerprint in them? They have the endpoint / cluster info in them. They start with <SimpleDescriptor…


pushed events for centralite 3130 dimmer switch and battery support for that, and the 3326 and the 3320 (motion and contact sensor). I’ll push the water leak sensor tomorrow and support for the osram version of the Centralite dimmer.


Ok mine is the osram version of the switch so I guess I will have to wait until you push those.


actually, looks like the device fingerprint matches the CentraLite one. It should just work with what is already there.


Ok I can give it a try. Do all I need to do is copy the quirks directory and then put the “device_handlers_path:” under my zha config or is their more I need to copy from your home-assistant fork as well?

Pardon my stupidity but it seems to easy…


u need the zha component from that branch.


Just want to update. I have applied the updates that dmulcahey provided and the work great using my Osram dimmer switch!


Looks like you have made some extension changes, is there a plan to roll this back into the base?


Yes. Working on that soon


I rolled your battery change over to my smartthings multisensors. I have the battery sensor showing up, but I don’t seem to be getting any updates. Well one of them has updated, but the others are showing up as unknown.


If the clusters weren’t bound before you’ll have to un-pair and re-pair the device(s) to make them report on new clusters


Thanks! I reset one device and that fixed things. I still have another 10 to go, is there a way to do this without removing/adding the device?


You can try commenting out line 61 here:

For a single boot of HA. You may see a bunch of safe read errors… you may not. But that’s your best bet if you want to not have to repair the sensors.


Worked a charm, I can see the battery values starting to populate :slight_smile:


working perfect:

detected but not working well
SERCOMM SZ-PIR04N (detected but once a motion is trigered never receive the stop motion code, it alway stays in active on mode, temperture no precise and lux detector not working properly)

Working on Home Assistant 0.82.1

Any suggestion how to fix this??
P.D. no error messege at all in the log


That’s odd I have a SERCOMM SZ-PIR04N paired to my setup and it works fine. There is a switch inside that is used for testing. Are you sure it is in the correct position?