ZHA Zigbee Tested Devices...Please add your device results


See the post above for details: Post



Really cheap if anyone is looking for them…


Nice, just after I’ve got mine from aliexpress for regular price :slight_smile: I wish those had a temp sensor built in, like Iris ones



I am sorry but I do not understand that.

Can you tell me how to install it?


I noticed that you have some code changes in the upcoming .84 HA release. Is any of this part of that.

Also, if I try this, what will it “get me”? More stability, battery reporting? I’m definitely interested in being a tester, but would like to know what to expect.

Honestly I dont fully understand what quirks are. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the hard work


Battery reporting and full support for several devices that aren’t handled normally. The details are in the readme of the device handler repo.

Just some core cleanup is in .84 hopefully this makes it in by .86 based on my availability and acceptance of the changes.


Details are in the repo


That sounds awesome!


Not sure if others have had this happen, I’ve seen it on the forums once or twice. I have an HUSBZ and it was running stable for about 2 weeks. Then all zigbee stopped working. The zwave was still working at the time. I tried to restart the container, which is in an Ubuntu VM, and was getting delays starting zha and a zigpy issue with unknown zdo cluster, then some response errors.

I unplugged the dongle and plugged it back in, restarted container, still the same issue. The primary host is Windows with the drivers installed.

I then shutdown the VM, unplugged dongle and plugged it back in again, restarted the VM and the container, and all is working again.

I didn’t have verbose logging on and like an idiot I restarted the container before backing up the log file so not sure what errors were in there when it first happened.

I know the dongle still was working somewhat because zwave still worked.

Next time, if it happens, I will backup the log file and post it.

Anyone have anything similar happen? I found one post and they had to do similar unplug and restart host, not just container.


For what it’s worth I was having tons of problems with that stick locking up when running in a docker container. I never could find the problem. I switched to running an Ubuntu VM and running home assistant as a venv deployment on the same machine and haven’t had those issues since.


When you say venv, you mean this method?


Also, assume I could just kill container, install that method, point it to my existing config folder, and just be up and running?


Yes that is the method. A little more complex but much more flexible.


I see a few comments in here about pairing Hue Dimmer switches to a zigbee controller,but not many comments on how it works. I have quite a few hue bulbs, strips, and dimmers, and I’m considering moving them off the hue hub, but want to know what issues I may end up having.

So, with the dimmer, how does it work? Does it end up being a scene controller? What button options are there? short press, long press? How do the dimmer buttons work?

For hue bulbs and light strips, does HA still offer options like color loop?


I just paired a hue bulb and dimmer switch. They work well but what will make it work better is @dmulcahey upcoming quirks PR. I’m really looking forward to that as I will be able to tie the button events directly to the bulb.

As of right now the dimmer just shows state as on or off with a dimmer value between 0-255. Hopefully soon it will be a scene controller.

As for color loop, I don’t know. Don’t have a color bulb.


The change you reference is in dev! Also, it will make it emit events… we don’t have support for scenes or groups yet… we’re getting there little by little.


That’s awesome! So would that mean possibly by 0.85?

Events is what I’m looking for most!


Scenes and groups will take a bit of work and planning to do correctly. Events should make .85 because they’re already in dev. I’m working on the config panel and web-socket api right now. Hoping to have an MVP by .86 for that.



And sorry for the stupid questions. I just installed Elelabs Zigbee shield to my raspberry and then paired it with 4 Xiaomi temperature sensors. Two of these sensors are round and 2 are square. The square ones report also humidity, the round ones do not. With Xiaomi gateway, they both report this. Is this known feature?

Also, I have Xiaomi door sensor that is a bit round. It is not pairing with by zha. Is this also known problem? I’m going to buy the one that was linked previously (the more square one) if this is not going to work.


Just wanted to post an observation I had the other day.

So… I have several zigbee motion and open close sensors. I have a few automations triggering lights on/off when motion happens and/doors open/close.

After a restart of HA (which I end up doing quite a bit), I’ve noticed that some of the automations don’t work. For the past few months, I’ve just thought to myself it was the zwave lights that I wanted to turn on/off, etc. Then yesterday it struck me. It was my zigbee devices. After a restart, the state has not changed.

I was able to replicate two simple automations “issues”

When a door opens, turn on a light. Light is zwave, open/close is zigbee.
door is closed, restart HA, wait 5 minutes (more than enough), open door. Light does not turn on. Close door, and then open door, light turns on, and continues to work the rest of the day

When motion is detected, turn on a light. Light is zwave, motion is zigbee
No motion, restart HA, wait 5 minutes, trigger motion to on. Nothing happens, wait for it to go back to no motion, trigger motion, it works as expected and continues to work.

I dont think I’m going to “fix” this, but just knowing what’s been happening is nice. I was thinking that my setup had intermittent issues, and was not quite as stable as I like, but now I realize why.