ZigBee Adding new devices with conbee II in lovelace

I am really confused with zigbee devices. (OSRAM SMART+)
I would like to add them in lovelace screen.
I tried deCONZ web inteface , all devices are correctly detected, right, and then ?
I tried to detected devices with ZHA , devices blinked to tell me they are associated, but nothing appear in detected devices.

Is someone can explain how to use device in lovelace ?
Best regards.

Did you install the deCONZ addon in HA? If yes, you told deCONZ that HA is allowed to use it? If the deCONZ application has found all devices and it’s connected to HA, HA will fetch the entities from deCONZ.

Just check under the developer tools, that the entities are included. After that you can use them in Lovelace cards.

Sorry, can you explain me where i can find this option , do you have a screenshot ?

Maybe you should start here: https://github.com/home-assistant/hassio-addons/tree/master/deconz

This is a good explanation to install and setup the deCONZ addon in HA.

And this video might help. This guy shows how to install and setup the easy way. It’s not really complicated.

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@LogisticaLux , thanks

I mess this part, very important :

Perfect! :+1: