Zigbee advice, please

I want to set up an Aqara Magic Cube for my mother-in-law to control a few things in her room. She can’t remember the Alexa commands, but pictures on a cube would be easier for her to use.

I have no other Zigbee devices on my network. (I did have some Ikea lights and the Ikea hub which was horribly unreliable, so they are in a box in my basement now),

Should I buy the Aqare hub, or is there a better solution that I could use to expand to other Zigbee devices later?

Recommendations would be appreciated.

I’m using the cube with a Sonoff Zigbee 3 USB stick. Most commands work like a champ. I set mine up mostly for media control. Pick it up and shake it to start/stop music. Flip to face 3 to change tracks. Flip to face 2 to turn the fan on/off. Twist for volume up/down. Tap is touchy (no pun intended) for a lot of people. I haven’t setup slide yet. I wish it came with some blank labels but I’ll print some someday. You should be able to pair the Ikea bulbs (6 power cycles from what I heard in IRC).

Thanks. I may be back for more advice when I receive mine.

If you get the Sonoff stuff too get a couple of the buttons. They are super handy too. Especially for an elderly person. You can them to tap, double tap, and long press. Good sized so anyone can use them.