Zigbee and Conbee II

Hi, in my Home Assistant OS (installed on a mini PC) I’ve configured conbee 2 dongle with Zigbee Integration in HA.
I want to know if is it possible to login into a Phoscon App GUI and/or if I can use both zigbee AND conbe integration in HA.
Thanks in advance!

The conbee Ii is a Zigbee coordinator. Works with multiple integrations such as ZHA (builtin zigbee) Zigbee2MQTT(addon) phoscon/deacons, etc.

But you can ONLY use it with one integration at a time. One integration. One coordinator. So you can disable ZHA and then use it in phoscon/deacons or any other integobut you cnt use it on both at once

Thanks @NathanCu , so I imagine that with ZHA integration I cannot use any phoscon or deconz GUI right?

Correct those are part of thier integration. So unless you switch to that integration you can’t use thier UI

Thanks again.