Zigbee bulb - default action?

I was given a Cree Connected bulb by a friend to play with, I’ve finally got it paired to deCONZ but haven’t figured out how to do much with it yet.

One of the things I am concerned about, it seems when the power is interrupted the bulb defaults to “on”, I’d like to have it default to “off” like switches and plugs do - we have a fair bit of power blips out in the rural woods.

I know some stuff can have “options” set (like vibration sensor sensitivity) and it seems logical bulbs should have an option for what to do on power loss…but how would I find that information?

I may be wrong but I believe a ZigBee bulb’s power-on state is brand-dependent. I tried searching for the power-on behavior of Cree Connected bulbs but the results were sketchy. One post on Amazon indicated the bulbs will power-on to their last known level (which doesn’t mean ‘off’).

In my testing “unscrew and screw back in” it seems to always come on maximum bright white nomater what it was before.

Last state would be nice