Zigbee Channel Setup for Tasmotized SonOff ZBbridge for wifi coexistence


I run OpenWrt and just added the ZBBridge…

There is the well known issue of the overlap of the ZB channels and the 2.4G Wifi.
ZigBee and WiFi Coexistence

Unfortunately all the ESP8266 and ESP32 devices are only on the 2.4G network, and the 2.4G network has the widest spread, so I have to use the 2.4G radio on my routers/ap’s

I do have the ability to control the 2.4G channel for the wifi devices, and am hoping to use the lower end of the channel spectrum for Wifi and the higher end of the spectrum for the Zigbee devices.

I was searching for documentation on how to reconfigure the ZB devices to use the higher end of the spectrum. I propose to use the the channels 1-4 for wifi and 22-26 channels for the zigbee.

Can anyone point me to appropriate how-to on the topic ?