Zigbee cover control

HI all,
sorry for my bad english in first!
i’m a new to home assistant world, i’ve recently installed the .qcow2 image on a proxmox vm.
The device that i would control via HA are all zigbee device ATM, connected switch bticino K4003 and connected shutter control bticino K4027C.
i’ve successfully integrate the device in HA via Conbee II and deconz/phoscom, but i’ve some probelm with the shutter control.
When i put in lovelace the card of one cover entity, the command works inverted (if i press up the cover close and if i press down the cover open). The same appen with open and close action on deconz, so i think the communication between deconz and K4027C was broken.
i would create, with custom button card lovelace integration ( custom-cards/button-card: :sparkle: Lovelace button-card for home assistant (github.com) two button that can open and close the cover, and assign it a specific icon, but i don’t know hot to communicate with the entity ), or editing de default cover card created in lovelace to invert the up and down icon (or command associated to it).
Can someone please help me?

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off topic: @okaiuz are you using the gateway K4500C as well ? or you connecting directly ?

thank you