Zigbee Dongle with Rasberry Pi 4

Any one could advice me which dongle / Usb should I buy for Rasberry Pi 4 to user for zigbee?

Or is it better tu put the module directly on the pi? if yes which module?


I use the antenna recommended by @Koenkk in Zigbee2mqtt without any issues on a RPI3b+. Would not think that a 4 would give any issues.
See more details here : https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/

I would also say that zigbee2mqtt is the way to go. You can even buy the coordinator from the forum with antenna and case.

I can confirm that zigbee2mqtt works on rpi 4.

I oredered the list of things that I need. Thank you all. Once I recevied everything will try to configure it following your instructions.