Zigbee don't turn on lights

I want to check which lights that are off In a group. Then I want to turn on the lights that are off. Is this possible?

The purpose of this is to turn on zigbee lights thats sometimes dosen’t turn on.

I understand what you mean but if that is happening I would try to resolve the issue of why they aren’t turning on in the first place.

Are you using HA light groups or actual Zigbee groups in ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT?

The problem is that some lights gets unavalible and then avalible arter a while. This happens like 4-5 times overr a month. I use light groups/groups in HA and My lights in connected to HA with a aeotec stick and deconz

Is there a better setup to get it more stable?

Improve your mesh. Put a power plug or router halfway between your coordinator and these lights.