Zigbee Doorbell/Bell Push

Surprisingly hard to find what I thought would be something obvious.

Does anybody know of a zigbee protocol doorbell / bell push I can mount outside? Preferably one known to work with the Tasmotafied Sonoff Zigbee hub I already have? Plenty of switches around but I want one that’s suitable for use outside and is weather resistant.

I’d like to use it just as a simple switch to play a chime on my Alexa devices.

Did you ever solve this??

Not really. I got a xiaomi zigbee button which worked, but wasnt designed for outdoor use (had to let it dry out after a couple of downpours).

I ended up doing a little project with a ‘dumb’ doorbell and wired it up with an led connected to an esp8266 running esphome. Was a bit of fun and it works - though not the elegant simple solution I was expecting to be able to find.