Zigbee HA impossible to discover devices after having them suppressed

Today I removed 1 tuya zigbee smart plug device that was paired on my ZHA. To do so I got to the device and I got in the 3 dots and simply suppress it.
Once done I tryed to pair it again by pressing the button on the tuya zigbee smart plug until the light flashes. then I press add a device in the ZHA list of devices already present. after a long time the smart plug stops flashing and the ZHA still search without doing any pairing.
I got similar issue at the early stage I was using ZHA and I had to completely removed the zigbee gateway to recover.
I’m using a lidl gateway that has been free up fomr lidl cloud. My system is a HAOS installed on a fujitsu thin client that works very well.
I hope my subject/issue is not already recorded. I’m still newbee and I’m not sure which logs to provide yet and where to find them, but I’ll do my best to add infos.
Not sure if somebody face similar issue.

Add on : It seems that this plug is erased from HA graphical but not from DB
any idea?
can we erase db input from the DB file ?