Zigbee integration via Lan/Wifi

Hi Team - Newbie here 1 week in.

I’ve got a Zigbee to Tuya gateway that I’m using for a mmWave human presence detector and its been flawless but using Tuya to turn a light on and off based on presence.

I’m thinking if I get any more Zigbee gear I’d like to go with native Zigbee not via Tuya but I’m running my HA install as a HyperV guest and I love its portability as its currently on a workstation at home - I need to do some upgrading of the OS on my Server (its 2012R2 so long in the tooth) and then I’ll shift it there and HyperV makes this super easy.

Question is - Is there a Gateway addition to bring native Zigbee into HA or do I have to go with a USB zigbee dongle which of course is an issue on HyperV

I’ve searched for Zigbee wireless gateways and I find Tuya and Sonof ones so I’m picking there isn’t an ethernet / wifi one but please let me know if I’m wrong.

I won’t likely to this for a while as the reality is I don’t really have any need to any zigbee devices at present more that just playing with some zigbee reed switches or temp sensors.

Here you can find a list of network based Zigbee coordinators:



Thanks Francis. I’d made the mistake of searching aliexpress hoping to find one there. Appreciate the shortcut :slight_smile: