Zigbee lamp stays on when the lamp button is pressed off (physically)

Hi, I’m struggling with an issue and am wondering if you have it too and if so how you deal with it.

I’ve had the Hue bridge and when I pressed the lamp button to put it off (physically), the status of the lamp in HA was changed to “not available”. So I knew that the lamp was definitely turned off. Now that I have switched to Zigbee2mqtt and I press the lamp button to put it off, the zigbee lamp remains on.

This is quite confusing because it seems like if the lamp is still on (in HA).

The annoying thing about this is that if I turn off the zigbee lamp in HA, while the lamp button is turned off (physically), it remains on in HA (because the Zigbee coordinator doesn’t have connect I assume). I can only change it in HA when the lamp is turned on.


I’m using Z2M and have just turned off a lamp (to test per your concern) and saw the same thing.

However, I also run a 2nd instance and remember seeing ‘unavailable’ because mum (who’s home it is in had unplugged the lamp). I’m not sure how long it took for Z2M/HA to notice though.

There is no way for a light without power to say “I’m off”.
What is happening is that a light which has not pinged back in a while will be set to “unavailable”.

The default on ZHA is 2h (but configurable), so it could take a while, though.

I just noticed that Z2M has an option called “Availability (advanced)” in the settings which checks whether devices are online/offline.
Some devices have the status Offline in Z2M but HA still shows me the On status.

so I’m not sure if this solves the issue

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OK that solved the issue!