Zigbee leading edge dimmer for LEDs on wirewound transformer

Hi there,

I have a setup in my kitchen that I would like to automate with my Homeassistant/ZHA, but I am running into hardware problems. There are 8 light fixtures for gu4 12V halogen bulbs in a lowered ceiling. The 220V to 12V transformer is hidden somewhere in a corner of the lowered ceiling where I can not reach it (i tried!). It was already there when I bought the house but I am fairly certain it is a wirewound transformer.
I replaced the halogen bulbs with 8 pieces 3.5W Osram Parathom dimmable LED bulbs, which works in combination with the current 400W dumb leading edge dimmer, due to the automatic stabilization in these bulbs they are still stable at sort of low light levels. I tried to replace the dimmer with a Pro dimmer from Ecodim that can do leading edge as well, but I could not get the lights to be stable with that dimmer. Does anyone have experience with this kind of problem, and/or has recommendations for a dimmer that works for this situation? That would be greatly appreciated!