ZigBee light bulb effect on driveway

Hi, I’m working on how to illuminate the driveway. I have 10 lights connected in a row on one wire. I would like my driveway to be able to do light effects like an addressable LED chain. Is it real with ZigBee? if I did it via Sonoff Basic WiFi, for example, I don’t believe I would achieve synchronization and the lights would come on randomly. It is a 40m long driveway and the lights are about 4m apart.

You can group Zigbee devices and expose that group as a single entity to Home Assistant. The group members will react simultaniously.

See Groups | Zigbee2MQTT

good to know thank you. anyway, now I’m primarily concerned with the effects and their speed. I need to turn on each light separately one after the other, changing colors gradually, just as I could do on an addressable LED strip.

Any idea if it is feasible to use ZigBee to create the equivalent of an addressable LED strip from light bulbs?
Something in the sense of turn on bulb 1, wait 0.5s, turn on bulb 2, …, turn on bulb 10 and turn off bulb 1, …
Will it really be synchronized, or would you rather not count on such a detail?