Zigbee Light switch turns off after 2 minutes


I have an extremely weird situation with my Home Assistant. Here it is:

  • I connected this switch in my bathroom, a 2-gang version with no Neutral wire

  • for about a day we were using it without the HA, no issues at all

  • I connected it to HA, which is using ConBee II and Zigbee Home Automation integration

  • From now on, the light turns itself off after 2 minutes and 2 seconds, every time (even if HA is offline!)

  • Doesn’t matter if I turn on the lights manually, or via HA

  • It always stays on for 2m2s after the first gang was turned on

  • Here’s the logbook for the situation

  • The same issue is happening on another switch I have (a 1-gang version)

  • after I remove the device from HA integration, it works properly (i.e. does not turn off by itself, when I enable it manually)

Anyone got an idea how to fix this? My initial thoughts are that the switch runs broken Zigbee stack, maybe it has some memory leak that started to reboot the chip after it got paired?

I switched to deConz add-on with deConz integration. Initially, it seemed to fix the issue. I was already popping up champagne, when the lights turned off after around 32 minutes. And now it’s back to 2 minutes max all over again.

Here’s debug from deCONZ

18:17:04 - powering up the switch itself, it logs into zigbee mesh
18:18:05 - I press the swtich, light turns on
18:20:06 - lights turns out by itself

I found more info on the issue, possible solution is to move to z2m

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How did you fixed this?

I encountered this problem after 3 years of using these switches with zha and Texas controller. Without any problem.

Month ago I added another 4th similar switch.

Week ago they started turning off randomly.

Yesterday was weird day when I tried to realise the cause. It ended by erasing zigbee.db and deleting zha integration.
And I removed ZigBee controller from RPI
But switches continue to turn off.
It was very weird.

But I mentioned that it happens After 2 minutes exactly
I turned 3 switches in row
And after 2 minutes they are turned off in exact sequence.

I thought that the problem in some internal timer.

It seems it could be reset after 10 seconds holding presskey. After it they work as ordinary switches.

Thanks God! :slight_smile:

Thinking about building new ZigBee network with new sonoff dongle

I moved to zigbee2mqtt and never looked back. I even forgot that I used to have this problem :sweat_smile:

Same here.

Same switchs.
Used to work on Tuya Zigbee gateway. Never have any issues.
I just integrated them on ZHA with Sonoff Zigbee dongle (P model).
They all shut down after exactly 2 minutes.
Is there a workaround ? Apart from moving to Z2M. I’m a bit afraid to make this effort…