Zigbee Lights not starting up at the same moment

Hi there

I’m looking for some piece of advice. For already a couple of weeks I’ve been playing with best setup for my zigbee network.

Here is the hardware line:

  • 3 Tradfri Bulbs
  • Tradfri remote
  • Conbee 2 stick (on extension cable)
  • HomeAssistant and MQTT broker on QNAP Virtual Machine
  • plus some number of Aqara sensors (not in focus at the moment)

Scenario 1) my zigbee devices are set up through ZHA, bulbs are in HA light group.
When toggling lights regardless HomeKit / remote / HomeAssistant dashboard if i press toggle fast enough one after another light got stuck for 3-5 seconds and after that everything comes back to normal they got responsive again.

Scenario 2) my zigbee devices are linked through zigbe2mqtt, as a group.
When pressing toggle or on/off for the first time they react but event though they are a group there is a span of 1-2 second between the first and the last one in reaction. BUT this happens only when bulbs are called for the first time. The next call is perfectly synchronized. the same happens when they are left for couple of minutes. First is out of sync, next are ok.

Both scenarios are not perfect. Do you see anything I could check in any of cases to make them work more smoothly?

Thanks for suggestions


Something to keep in mind is that Zigbee will allow only 8 broadcasts in a 9 second period. Group messages use broadcasts. So if you toggle it too quickly the messages will be lost.

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That might be an explanation for the issue with scenario 1. Makes sense …