Zigbee Missing Entities

I am relatively new to HA, but have been running it on a RPi for a couple of months very successfully Unfortunately yesterday the PI power adapter packed up and I do not have a spare that generates the required power output.
However I had been tinkering with a Supervisor install on a Linux box I had sitting around.
So I have restored by RPi snapshot to that and everything is back working, except for my Aquara buttons.
They are not recognised, I use a direct connection to Zigbee via a Silicon labs dongle (which I swapped from the PI).

So having re-paired them, the only entity I am seeing is the battery level, but in the Automation GUI I can see triggers such as “remote_button_short_press”, I can’t remember how they used to present themselves, but is was not using that phrase.

If this correct?
Should I not see the any other entities other than “Battery Level” in the entity listing?
Why has it changed, was it the recent upgrade to 112.2 (I have looked at the release notes)?
Is it because it is a supervisor install and presents itself differently (It is the same dongle I swapped over)?

I am confused, can somebody explain please?

Thank you


So I’ve received my new power unit and fired the PI back up. It would appear that the entities for buttons are missing there as well.
Did the way Zigbee integration works change when it was moved t the integration page?