Zigbee Network completely unavailable

Hello, two days ago I accidentally unplugged my Rasperry Pi4 and left unpowered for about 2 hours. When I powered it again, my Zigbee network was totally unavailable.
I am using a Conbee II stick connected through an extender USB cable and my Zigbee network configured with ZHA was rock solid till now with 35 Zigbee devices connected to it.
I tried to unplug and replug the Conbee II several times, changed the USB port, rebooted Raspberry several times, restored a backup from before the issue but network is still unavailable.
I have another Sonoff zigbee gateway in the garage with only one zigbee switch connected to it and that one works fine.

What should I do as further troubleshooting steps to back my Zigbee network to life?

Thank you!

I found several posts with my exact same issue: Rasperry Pi4 and Conbee II and ZHA, all Zigbee network unavailable, none with a solution.
For the benefit of the community I’ll share the easy solution I Found after several unsucessful tests:

Go in the ZHA integration and click on your Conbee II device, backup the network, click on “Migrate Radio”, select again your Conbee II, click “Keep the same radio”, and finally restore the automatic backup you just saved.

That’s it! No need to re-pair anything :slight_smile:

And maybe, reboot.

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