Zigbee Thermostat - Values and Functions


I’ve just started with Home Assistant.
So far, I have one Thermostat working fine. Switching one Radiator on/off succesfully.

But actually, things are working a little different than I expected:

I can only tell the Thermostat to turn off or on to a preset Temperature. But the Temperature is the same for all Automations with this Device, which means, I can’t have different Temperatures?

It seems that the Thermostat doesn’t fully open. When I want it to change the Temperature by 1°, it takes up to 2 hours to do so. What I think is happening, is that the Thermostat goes to it’s Setting that it knows will reach the desired Temperatur, while my Expectation would be to open the Valve fully, till the desired Temperature is reached.

The Workaround is to set a higher Temperatur, of what I guess will lead to the desired Temperatur in the given time, which of course depends on the outside Temperature and other Factors aswell.

From the Values that I can pull from the Thermostat, it only tells me that it’s heating or not, but it wont tell me the current Temperature, so I can’t even use the current Temperatur as a Switch for the Automation.

The Thermostat in Question is a:
Brennenstuhl Connect HT CZ 01

which seems to be the same Model as:

Aqara E1
Nedis SmartLife Thermostat
Essentials Smart Home Thermostat Premium

I have also tried to use different Cards in the Dashboard like Banner-Card and Mini Graph Card, but both show no Values, other than the heating is on or off. But no current or Target Temperature.

The given Entities are:

The first one does not provide any information other than “heat” or “off”
The second only provides “heating” or “off”

There are also other Entities for LQI, RSSI and Battery.

The built-in Zigbee Frontend Card does provide the current and set Temperature.

Any Ideas how I can pull this Information from the Thermostat?

I’ve figured it out.

When I set an Automation, I can select numeric Values and that will show the available attributes. Switching to the YAML Editor shows me the actual Code I need to copy.

Is It working through ZHA ? You might want to check if there Is a quirk available. I have similari TRVs that exposed very few entities but once I installed the quirk those expose all entities now.