Zigbee USB stick recomendation?


I can’t seem to find the HUSBZB-1 dual Zwave/Zigbee stick anywhere online since it has been discontinued. I actually put in two orders a few weeks ago at places but they are backordered and will probably be cancelled. So now I’m looking at alternatives as I have both Zwave and Zigbee devices. The Zwave side seems to be easy to snag a stick, but what about Zigbee? Any recommendations on what works reliably with HomeAssistant that is easy to obtain in the US? Looking to get rid of my SmartThings hub and enjoy deleting the flaky MQTT SmartThings bridge solution!


Check out either the Conbee or RaspBee by Dresden Elektronik. They are available in US. They support lots of ZigBee devices including Philips, IKEA, Xiaomi, etc. You need to run a server called deCONZ alongside HA but there’s a docker container and Hass.io addon to help with that.


Yes. Check out the conbee with a deconz docker. @marthocoo has done a great job fixing a reliable container for deconz. :+1:t2:


Dang…that seems like a lot of moving parts and such just for Zigbee, think I’ll ditch the 4 bulbs I have before all that.

Wonder if any of these would do? If I can find some on Amazon Prime to test out I’ll definitely see what happens with them.



Hey, not sure if you are still looking?
I got one a few months back and it looks like there are still more available on eBay