Zigbee & Z-Wave Hub Needed?

Noob to HA from Hubitat
Windows 10 w/Ubuntu VM

I am making the move from Hubitat to Home Assistant and can use some direction
What type of hardware will I need to the following?

Zigbee: bulbs, door sensors, motion sensors
Z-Wave: door Locks, door/window sensors, motion sensors
LAN: Bulbs, Outlets, LED Light strips
WYZE: Cameras

Zigbee use deconz

Zwave… sorry that still sucks

How about THIS one? Any good? Anything better/cheaper?

I have this:

With conbee2 stick

Zwave as said… sorry it is not good atm. Lot’s of option of which no one is reliable enough (for me)

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That’s what I use (HUSBZB-1), and it’s been working great.
I’ve had it on a RPi3, Tinkerboard S and now a RPi4 and it’s still going strong.
I’ve got 50 devices on the Zwave side and 8 on Zigbee (ZHA).

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For zwave I use the Aeotec z stick. I’ve used it for around three years and have never had any issues with reliability.

I also use the HUSBZB-1 for zigbee with almost no issues. And it has a backup zwave radio that I am using to start experimenting with the new openzwave-beta.

Be careful with the HUSBZB-1. You can only get it with American Z-Wave frequency. It is useless if you live in Europe.