Zigbee ZHA groups


Maybe someone will be able to give me bit of guidance.
I am using Zigbee via ZHA integration with Sonoff Zigbee stick.
I need to be able to control my light from two different places, example stairs light. First Zigbee switch has been installed on 1st floor, second Zigbee switch has been installed on 2nd floor.
To do it I’ve created Zigbee group on HA console. So far so good, I am able to turn/off group and it turns the light.
However, when I turn on the switch physically on the 1st floor, second switch in the same group does not turn on. It only works via Ha console, not via physically pressed switches. How to configure, when one of the physical Zigbee switches is pressed, whole Zigbee group will turn on.

Thank you in advance,

Reply to myself. :slightly_smiling_face:
I am able to do it via automation.
However when HA becomes unavailbe this will not function.
Still wondering if I can achieve this via Zigbee ZHA?

Just to give some updates whom might be looking fort the same solution as me.
I’ve been trying to use Zigbee binding between devices I want to control.
Sadly, I figure out my devices do not support this feature.
I have Tuya 2 gang and 3 gang switches: TS0002 and TSS0003