Zigbee2MQTT Boiler Automation

Hi all,
I’ve been using Home Assistant for a few years, and had a working automation when using Deconz, however recently moved to Zigbee2MQTT and love it.

I’ve managed to get my automations that set my TRV temperatures throughout the day updated, but I’m really struggling with my automation to turn on the boiler when the set temperature is less than the actual temperature (so if the Living Room is lower than it is set to, boiler turns on). The automation used to work, but whatever I try I can’t now get it to work.

I’ve linked to the Zigbee2MQTT page showing my device info, if someone can please give me a pointer…

I should the action DOES work and does what it needs to do, so it’s the condition thats the issue. I’ve also tried it as states.climate.living_room_trv1.attribute.current_heating_setpoint with no success too:

alias: 'Living Room Boiler On'
  platform: time_pattern
  minutes: "/5"
  - condition: template
    value_template: "{{states.climate.living_room_trv1.current_heating_setpoint > states.climate.living_room_trv1.local_temperature}}"
  - condition: template
    value_template: "{{states.climate.boiler_thermostat.local_temperature == 10}}"
  - condition: state
    entity_id: input_boolean.boileroveride
    state: 'off'
  - service: climate.set_temperature
      entity_id: climate.boiler_thermostat
      temperature: 29

TRVS: TuYa TS0601_thermostat control via MQTT | zigbee2mqtt.io

Boiler: Moes BHT-002-GCLZB control via MQTT | zigbee2mqtt.io

Would really appreciate some help on this?